Welcome to patForms

patForms is a form abstraction class intended to finally make web forms fun.

patForms offers an intuitive and simple API and a collection of specialized tools to create and manage forms, as well as an extensive range of validation and form logic controls. It has been published under the LGPL and can be downloaded from If you want to use the PEAR installer, you can get it from our channel server at

Latest version

The latest version of patForms is 0.9.0b3 (released 20/08/2006).

Why should I use patForms?

As the title says: to finally have fun with forms! We wanted a form abstraction that would make form management easy without losing in flexibility - with key features like writing your form definition directly in your HTML or template source code and powerful out-of-the-box validation and logic!

The features of patForms include:

  • Easy to use API
  • Embed your forms in HTML via XML tags
  • Parse standard HTML forms
  • Form elements with extended functionality
  • Filters for filtering i/o form values flow
  • Storage objects can automatically load/save data
  • Form modes and output formats: render to HTML/XML...
  • Observers enable form transformations depending on its state
  • Form rules for extended validation features and complex field relationships
  • Renderers for total layout control
  • Data sources for enum-like elements
  • Event management for program flow optimization
  • Creator objects can create forms from database tables

patForms authors

patForms is currently developed by:

  • Sebastian Mordziol (argh)
  • gERD Schaufelberger (gerd)
  • Stephan Schmidt (schst)
  • Sven Fuchs (sfuchs)

Starting Points

As this site is still in its early stages, you might want to browse some other sites to learn more about patForms:

How to use this site?

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